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New Clients

Union Veterinary Clinic is always accepting new clients. Please call our front desk at (202) 544-2500 to schedule your first appointment. Clients with newly adopted pets, behavioral issues, geriatric pets, or pets that require an international health certificate for travel, will be allotted extra time to make sure all questions are answered. If you would like to save some time, download our New Patient Registration Form. Please fill it out and bring it with you to your first appointment.

Union Veterinary Clinic offers a complimentary initial exam if you are adopting or rescuing a pet from the Washington Humane Society, The Washington Animal Rescue League, Lucky Dog Rescue or Rural Dog Rescue.  If your newly adopted rescue pet does not require any further vaccines or medications, your first visit will be at no charge.

Drop off Appointments

If your schedule does not permit time for a regularly scheduled appointment, a drop-off appointment may be your best option. Drop off appointments are available Monday through Friday to current patients who have been seen by one of our veterinarians within the past 12 months. You can drop your pet off between 7am-9am and pick up in the evening before we close. (8pm Mon-Thurs, 6pm on Fridays) A veterinarian will examine your pet during the day in between their scheduled appointments and surgeries. They will then call you with their findings and recommendations. If for some reason they are unable to reach you by phone, you will receive written instructions and will be able to speak to a vet the following day. Please note that a veterinarian may not have time to speak to you in person when you pick up your pet. Please call ahead if you would like to book a drop-off, as we have limited available space and want to ensure that a drop-off is an adequate choice for your pet’s specific needs and situation. We do not offer this service to new clients, new patients, or on the weekends.

Work-in Appointments

If we cannot schedule you for an appointment but you are in need of immediate care, we offer work-in appointments. You may stop in during normal business hours and wait for a doctor to see your pet in between their scheduled appointments. Wait times will vary; please contact our front desk to let us know if you will be using this service. They will be able to assist you so your wait can be as short as possible.

At this time we are unable to schedule appointments online. Please call us at (202) 544-2500 during our regular business hours and we will be happy to arrange an appointment that works best with your schedule.