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Pet Insurance

Union Veterinary Clinic will assist you with all pet insurance claims. Our doctors and staff will be happy to fill out and mail/fax any paper work needed to file a claim. We will also keep all insurance forms in your pet’s file for future claims by request. If your insurance form requires your signature or policy number, please complete this portion of the form before giving it to the receptionist so we can submit your pet’s claim as efficiently as possible.

Please keep in mind that Union veterinary Clinic does not “take” insurance. You will be expected to pay your bill at the time services are rendered, and you will receive a reimbursement directly from your insurance company.

Below are a few links to recommended pet insurance web sites.

Nationwide Pet Insurance (Formerly Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI) 

This company has tiered plans. They cover some hereditary and genetic diseases. Orthopedic procedures are only covered after you have the policy for 12 months.

Embrace Pet Insurance

You can customize your own plan with this company. This company insures hereditary or genetic diseases in pets. They also cover many alternative styles of medicine such as holistic care, acupuncture and rehabilitation. Their wellness rewards plan is a good all-around package.

ASPCA Pet Insurance

They have a low annual deductible of only $100 and reimburse clients up to 90%.  They have a choice of plan options to cover accidents, illness, wellness care, congenital and hereditary conditions and more. They offer a 10% discount for signing up multiple pets.